family cooking together

(NewsUSA) – When families gather for special occasions, food usually plays an important role. While these times can be hectic with the many errands that need to be done, it’s also a great time to start a family cookbook project. The following tips, from the Family Cookbook Project, will help make your family’s personalized cookbook a success:

* Invite everyone to participate. Don’t just invite the family cooks. Everyone has at least one recipe that they can contribute to the cookbook. Use e-mail to stay in touch with contributors. Let them see what others have submitted to encourage them to keep adding their best recipes.

* Establish an editor. The editor is the person who is responsible for getting things started and making sure they keep moving ahead. This person is also responsible for defining the project in terms of whom to invite to participate, which recipes to include and when to publish the book.

*Find a publisher or printing company. Ensuring that you’ve found a valid publisher or printing company is necessary for not only getting your book out there but for assurance that your book will be aesthetically pleasing inside and out. Finding a print company such as Printivity to ensure your cookbook is printed as high quality as possible is incredibly important for sales.

* Set a deadline. Set a deadline one or two months in the future to have all of your recipes submitted. Most people work better if they know they face a hard deadline. For more information on how your family can make a family cookbook, visit