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I’m really excited to introduce you to a new food subscription service called Mary’s secret ingredients.

If you’re not familiar with the growing world of food subscription services, they’re a unique way to sample and experiment with new cooking ingredients, often hard-to-find specialty products that you may not be able to find all in one place. They’re also a great way to educate your taste buds while honing your cooking skills.


Mary’s secret ingredients is the brainchild of Mary Pisarkiewicz, a gourmet-loving foodie and chef in her own right who left the advertising/marketing world in hopes of sharing her passion for food with other foodies. In 2011, started a blog called LOVE – the secret ingredient, and began teaching her growing readership how to cook wholesome, delectable foods.

Mary now spends her time encouraging foodies from all walks of life to fall in love with cooking and learn to create wholesome, healthy foods for themselves and their Loved ones.

In 2014, Mary launched her ambitious project, Mary’s secret ingredients, a limited edition culinary surprise box containing unique and exciting gourmet food items perfect for sampling new ingredients and brands. Every season, Mary’s themed boxes will be filled with lovely surprises to inspire your cooking, delivered right to your door.

With every purchase, Mary donates a portion to Feed The Children, which helps fulfills her company’s twofold mission — to inspire cooks, and help hungry, less fortunate kids.


What can be better than that? Mary will share mouthwatering recipes using each box’s ingredients on the LOVE – the secret ingredient blog.

Mary’s crowdfunding effort will help streamline her gift box business and meet growing demands.

MARY’s secret ingredients crowdfunding page offers many exclusive treats and perks to supporters, depending on donation level. Crowdfunding perks include subscription packages and limited-edition merchandise like aprons. Larger funders can experience Mary’s cooking firsthand in the form of cooking lessons or even join a brunch party at Mary’s home in New York City.

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