(NewsUSA) – You might already know that shopping in the produce aisle at the supermarket can help ward off pesky inconveniences like the common cold, but eating certain fruits, either fresh or frozen, may also play a large role in helping to fight and protect against serious illnesses such as lung and breast cancer, according to two new studies.

Conducted by scientists from Norway and the United States, a recently released study tested 1,130 commonly eaten foods for antioxidant levels using the FRAP Assay, one of the major tests for antioxidant values currently available. They discovered that, of the top 10 foods tested based on serving size, blackberries contained the highest levels of health-related antioxidants, which help protect against cancer and heart disease. In a second study, lung, skin, breast and cervical cancers all showed signs of shrinkage when exposed to blackberry extracts. The compound is so potent against disease that scientists have begun further analysis on the blackberry.

There is certainly evidence to suggest that eating blackberries, alongside a healthy lifestyle, will decrease your chances of cancer and including them in your daily diet is an affordable way to help prevent varying diseases. However, they cannot solely be used as a preventative or treatment for any life threatening disease. Including them in your diet is beneficial to your health, but unfortunately, developing a disease, such as cancer, can still happen, even to the healthiest of people. Cancer is a disease that many of us have been affected by, whether that be directly or indirectly, and survivors as well as friends and family need as much support as possible to help them through such a difficult time. Of course, we can all introduce foods such as blueberries into our diet to help manage our health and avoid this disease but we can also visit sites like https://www.gofundme.com/c/blog/financial-help-cancer-patients and find other ways to help too. There are numerous other ways we can prevent cancers as well as support those who need us most in their times of need. Cancer is mentally, physically and financially draining so being able to help anyone in need can really help them fight this battle. Nobody aspires to develop such a vicious disease so trying to prevent it is the best we can do. (edited)

Antioxidants are known to help fight against free radicals, which can potentially cause things like heart disease or cancer. Many are recognizing the benefits of antioxidants and trying to integrate them into their daily routine. Whether that be through fruits like blackberries or this infused carbon 60 olive oil, people are jumping onto this health kick.

The news should only provide additional encouragement for those looking for ways to better their lifestyle by eating healthier foods.

“Everyone should be eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day, and one of those helpings should be berries,” said Dr. Gary Stoner, an expert in cancer prevention and control at Ohio State University. “When you put all of the new research together, you realize that berries are one of the most protective foods around.”

Oregon blackberries, grown in the fertile Willamette Valley on family farms, are nutritional powerhouses that contain several extremely important phytochemicals, naturally occurring chemicals from plants, which research has shown may slow down the aging process, boost immunity and protect against chronic disease.

Additionally, tests have shown that Oregon blackberries, frozen at their nutritional peak, lose none of their important antioxidant values in the freezing process. Fresh or frozen, blackberries are an important part of a healthy diet.

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