Food of History is proud to be a publisher member of Yummly, a community that’s something like a modern-day recipe swap. By joining Yummly, you can have a sort of virtual recipe box, where you can collect all of your favorite recipes from different websites all in one place.

Aside from our recipes, there are also many notch publishers, restaurants, bloggers, food producers and domestic gods and goddesses who share their favorite recipes on Yummly.

Here are my 5 favorites for you to check out:

  1. Nellie’s Cage-Free Eggs has some fun and tasty classic breakfast recipes. They’re one of the top website publishers on the website in terms of “Yumms.”
  2. The Pioneer Woman brings her no-nonsense home-cooking that only a true woman living a country/rancher lifestyle can do. She describes herself as “a desperate housewife” and also blogs about homeschooling and the country lifestyle. Her blog is pretty fun, too. What I love most about the recipes she shares is they tend to feature easy-to-make meals for busy families, usually under 10 ingredients.
  3. Food Republic has some very easy-to-create, delicious recipes on Yummly, including a very popular mashed potato recipe for even the .
  4. Easy Snacks to Make delivers a good variety of exactly what they describe.
  5. The Frontier Coop delivers up a variety of recipes that concentrate on locally obtained, fresh and wholesome foods.

Of course, there is also a vibrant community of people from all walks of life sharing their cooking experiences and frustrations in the Yummly cooking forums.

Yummly is available as an app for Phone, iPad and Android. On Windows phones, you can find the Yummly Lite application in the store.

I’ve always loved Yummy, and I’m excited and hoping you’ll join this vibrant cooking community.

You can find our recipes on our Food of History Yummly page. We look forward to growing our community together.