Canned Salmon Recipes 1915This quick, traditional party platter of stuffed eggs with salmon filling dates back to 1915 — I snatched it and modernized it from a delightful cookbook of Canned Salmon recipes. It will be a festive dish for any Easter or spring gathering you have in store.

In the early 1900’s in America, canning was a newfangled — and more sanitary method to preserve fruits, vegetables, and even chopped up meat. And many dishes were served up atop a sheet of lettuce and smeared with mayonnaise, which was all the fashion of the period.

Most of the salmon came from the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and the next year after this publication, which was handed out at the Panama Pacific International Symposium, a sort of world-fair event, the North American salmon fishermen saw a crisis that has continued throughout American history.

Declining salmon population in the Pacific Northwest have been consistent since the 1800s, and  like many creatures, it’s been man who has drive many wild salmon stocks in the Pacific Northwest to the brink of extinction. Once one problem was fixed, another always seemed to intervene. Our salmon stock has battled crisis of habitat, hatcheries, dams, fisheries, and watershed management, never to (yet) re-emerge with the salmon population back on top again.

Most of our current stock of canned salmon nowadays comes from overseas or Alaskan fish farms. In fact, 98% of the salmon we currently consume in America has never been in the sea.


Classic Stuffed Eggs With Salmon Filling

Classic Stuffed Eggs With Salmon Filling


  • For the filling:
  • One can of Salmon
  • 1 cup of chopped celery
  • 1 cup of mayonnaise
  • For the eggs: Take as many eggs as you desire.


To prepare the dressing:

Free the Salmon from skin, bones and oil by picking the fish apart and adding chopped

the celery and mayonnaise dressing, tossing lightly.

Season to taste.

Save a little Mayonnaise to pour over the top.

Preparing the eggs for stuffing:

Take many eggs as desired into a large of boiling water and let them stand thirty-five minutes.

Fish out carefully and remove the shells. Cut a slice off the top and bottom (the latter to make it stand), then take out the yolks and fill the whites with the salad.

Serve in lettuce leaves, and dribble with mayonnaise dressing.

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