Very atractive oven design(StatePoint) You may not get paid for your culinary efforts at home, but you can still treat yourself to a professionally outfitted kitchen. As this design build noted, renovating a kitchen is an expensive commitment, but one that is hardly ever regretted by those that decide to go for it. Whether it is getting new lighting fixtures through sites like steel lighting co, new countertops or brand new flooring, every improvement made in the kitchen could make a big difference to the overall aesthetic. If the idea of financing this upgrade has held you back in the past, consider different options that can help you affordably transform your ordinary space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Amazing Countertops

If you’ve longed for luxury granite countertops, consider quartz, which offers the same beauty as granite at a fraction of the cost. Since quartz is a durable, non-porous material, countertops will be easy to clean and maintain over time, and resistant to the nicks and stains caused by everyday wear and tear, making it a sound long-term investment.

Quartz is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and by investigating your options you can get the look and feel that complements your kitchen.

Professional Range

To ensure you’re never limited as a cook, start by upgrading your cooking appliances, which are at the heart of any kitchen. One versatile range option that delivers top-of-the-line professional performance at a consumer-friendly price is the Verona Dual Fuel or all gas range, available in 24, 30 and 36-inch sizes. Sealed burners pack plenty of BTU power, delivering pinpoint accuracy and flame control for optimal heat transfer. As a result, foods cook quickly and evenly with less fuel than standard burners.

Verona ranges are equipped with full-width storage compartments, as well as European convection ovens that circulate heated air for more consistent temperature, allowing you to prepare your meals faster than with a conventional oven.

Inspired by professional-style Italian design, Verona ranges can be tailored to suit your kitchen d├ęcor, with custom options such as round oven handles, island trims and brilliant colors. Whether you prefer the professional look of stainless steel or a bolder palette such as burgundy, white, antique white or matte black, make your kitchen pop both visually and functionally with the right pro-style range. More information can be found at

Task Lighting

Task lighting can be a gorgeous, functional addition to any kitchen. And these days, beautiful fixtures can be purchased at any price point and come in a number of styles, both traditional and contemporary, making it easy to add flair and style to your kitchen in a way that meets your taste. In addition to your ambient lighting, consider installing a row of task lights over your kitchen island, above your sink, and in or other key areas where you do the most cooking prep — after all, this is how the pros do it. I’m sure it’ll all add towards connected homes. My friend has automated lighting in his home and it makes it so much easier to set a mood with lighting when you have more control over it.

Smart Home lighting is also amazing for controlling the ambient light entering your kitchen. Consider an option such as the Philips Hue to get this effect, and begin controlling your lighting through technology.

Equipping your kitchen with the functionality and beauty that a professional chef enjoys does not need to break the bank. Operating with a conservative budget, you can make long-lasting improvements to your kitchen that are stunning, functional and affordable.