If you care about the suffering of animals when it comes to food production, how do you feel about slavery and forced labor?

A new investigation by the Associated Press shows that socially-responsible consumers need to be wary of the origins of the fish in their diet.

Imported fish in the U.S. are often purchased from countries that routinely enslave humans and force them to work under brutal conditions.  A startling number of fish are imported by producers who do nothing to quell the rise of slavery overseas, and often profit greatly off of the suffering of men, women and children.

If you can afford to buy organic, US-caught fish, please do.

Not only is it better for the environment — it’s better for humanity at large, too.

An exhaustive, yearlong investigation by the Associated Press has reached a startling conclusion: Seafood caught by slaves ends up in American markets and restaurants. Whether it’s the imitation crab in a sushi roll or the fish product in a can of cat food, there’s a likelihood that some American seafood involves human rights abuses. The journey…