lentils curryEditors Note: This is a reprint from the Toronto Star, so while the advice on cooking food remains universal, some of the supplies mentioned may be difficult to obtain in your area. Amazon has a good amount of ethnic foods, if you are searching for ingredients online. There are also many organic farms that specialize in lentils and other Ethiopian staples, including injera, which most of these recipes can be paired with.

Ethiopian food is always cooked and prepped in large portions, meant for large family dinners. After testing a recipe, you’ll do best to share it with a gathering of (very impressed!) family and friends.

In the midst of the coldest days of winter here in America, a vegetarian feast is the perfect thing to spice up the lulls in January.

When a beloved restaurant closes, the food obsessed among us panic at the prospect of losing a favourite dish forever. So when that appears to happen with Dukem, my go-to Ethiopian spot on the Danforth, I act quickly. I immediately invite owner Michael Kidus to the Star test kitchen to make four dishes from his vegetarian…